The Job:

Dispatcher/ Marketer

#1. You Must make the Phone Ring The Text Messages Chirp and the emails ding.  You market the biz by posting ads on craigslist , facebook or wherever you can think of promoting The Garage Door Place.  Using your own phone,internet, and email accounts. . If you like walking for your health ask me for flyers with your phone number or email.
#2. A Job lead comes in you submit it to Adam at The Garage Door Place so he can get the job done.
#3 You get paid 2 times.
* Once for posting in craigslist 
*Twice for commission off completed paid jobs.

Whats the Pay:
Work from Home Part Time: $15 to $100 per/ week 
Work from Home Full Time : $300-$500 per/week 

$5 per Craigslist Live Post (must verify that its alive after 2 hours)
Recommend only posting 1 add every 48 hours
Well pay out up to 3 ad per week

10% commission on profit margin of job ($7.50 to $50.00)
Most people can get 2 to 3 job leads per week that works out to be $100 per week in commission check


About The Company:

The Garage Door Place
Orange County (Costa Mesa CA)
Inland Empire (Ontario, CA )
Adam Evans

Welcome to The Garage Door Place. We repair and install garage doors in Orange County and Inland Empire. 

We serve you at your location from Orange County to Inland Empire.

Choosing an expert for your repair or installation is easy. Set an appointment today. The first step is too call or email us. 

Same day emergency service is available. We are fully stocked to have your garage door back on track and secure today!

What to Post About: 

Promotional Pricing

FREE SERVICE CALL (Valued at $29)

​Garage Door Torsion Springs $25 Each + Labor($75)

​Cable Off Service $65

​Put Door Back on Track Starting at $85

​Garage Door Opener Start at $325 (Liftmaster Chain Drive w/ 2 Remote)

​Garage Door Remotes are $35 + $50 Service Call Fee ($50 Service Call Fee only applies to remote jobs)

Whats Next :
1.Start Posting ads
2.I recommend setting up a paypal account so i can pay you quicker
3.When job leads do start coming your way you goal is to get me the basic information and ill handle the rest from their.

How do I know you well pay me the commission:
I well keep you posted with your leads scheduled appointment time.
What came about of the job so we can make you into a better dispatcher.
I want you to get your commissions because thats how I know you well keep the leads coming.