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Garage door won't close

 Common solutions for a garage door that can open but won't close. 

 The first thing to check is to make sure there are no obstructions in the path way of garage door. Check for rakes,poles,golf clubs people etc. that may have shifted in the way of garage door.  Keep items  that have the potential to fall a foot or more away from door.

Safety Eye Sensors
 The second thing to check are the safety sensors.  They are located toward the bottom of garage door opening 4-6 inches off the ground.  Safety sensor if obstructed or faulty will not allow the door to lower down. There may be a red or orange led on one or both safety eyes.  Check that each opposing eye is pointed directly at each other.  Clean spider webs or dirt off of safety eyes. Inspect the housing,lens,wire and connections for damage.
Chamberlain has is a wing nut on  that allows one to loosen and tighten as necessary to adjust  proper alignment of safety sensor.
While keeping an eye on the LED of safety sensor shack the wire slightly.  If the LED flickers the wires will need to be stripped and reconnected.  The wires are low voltage and shouldn't shock you but it's always best to unplug motor before making adjustment to the safety eye connections.