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Garage Door Openers

Professional or Retail
The Professional series motor comes with a one piece rail. This Rail with any of the Three Motor Lines (Screw,Chain or Belt Drive) is much stronger,quieter and requires less maintenance. The downfall is the box for the rail is about 9' Long and doesn't fit in most vehicles. We Provide free delivery in the Temecula,Murrieta,Wildomar and Lake Elsinore Area. The Retail Versions that are readily available to everyone are constructed of a thinner steal rail and are made in three pieces. These rails tend to shake and vibrate more. Along with the bracing material that comes with these motors is a 3/4" flat strap vs 1-1/2" pre-punced angle that the majority of "Pros" use.

DIY or Pros
Have you thought about the time,effort,injury or damage that could occur if you were to do it yourself? Most homeowners I hear from end up spending anywhere from 1 to 4 hours or longer installing there machine. The "Liftmaster Professional Openers" we sell come complete with instructions. We will deliver them straight to your garage at a competitive retail price, usually within 24 hours.

The Budget
If you say to yourself,"Well I can find that cheaper online or at my local retail store" You might be able to find motors for a slightly better price but beware a lot of times you will not get all the necessary items you want or the wrong items which will Cost you much more. Chain drives are the most economical price.

Chain Drive
Screw Drive