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One Piece Removal Sectional Garage Door Replacement

YouTube Video

Garage Door By Adam : Seal Beach One Piece Garage Door Removal and Prep

0:00 Take Garage Door Off of Truck
0:40 Put Garage Door Sections Into Garage
1:00 Remove Spring Tension off of Old Garage Door One Piece Hardware by Removing Bottom Chain Tension Bolts
2:05 Right Side Remove Hardware
2:25 Turn Garage Door on Truck for Transportation
2:55 Remove Old Stop Brackets 
3:10 Mark Original Wood  Jambs to be Cut Down Flush with Header
3:37 Cut Jamb Left
4:14 Cut Jamb Right
4:43 Chisel Jamb Left
4:56 Chisel Jamb Right
5:15 Remove Addition Obstructions
5:35 Clear Jambs and Bottom of Header from Any other Nails or Obstructions
6:18 Cut and Nail Weather Seal Flush with Header(1/8th in works better)