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RV Garage Door, Torsion Spring Sag Repair, Liftmaster 8500

0:13 Garage door spring sagging and door unbalanced
1:07 Adding 14 ft Struts for Weight and Strength 
1:46 Straighten BLACK LEFT WIND Spring and Adjust Tension
2:26 Test Balance Manually 
2:40 Straighten RED RIGHT WIND Spring and Adjust Tension
3:14 Remove J Arm On Existing Liftmaster Commercial Chain Drive Opener
3:20 Remove Motor Head
3:28 Remove Back Hangs
3:40 Remove 14 ft Motor Rail
3:47 Springs are Straight no Sag 
3:55 Outside View of 14' x 14' RV Steel Sectional Garage Door 
4:01 Automatic Deadbolt Style Lock in Action
4:35 LOGO
4:43 Basset Hounds Bark Bark!
Spring Replacement. Existing Door 16x7 Non Insulated 25 Gauge

Single spring system on a double car garage door is great for customers on tight budget. I highly  recommend installing a double spring system because in the event one spring breaks it keeps the door cables tensioned to allow the door to still operate with a little assistance. Double spring systems last 3 times longer and keep the door from possible free fall disaster!

0:11 existing broken spring Left Wind 
0:17 Replacement Spring 243x33x1.75 Right Wind 
0:26 Door goes up
0:30 door stays up
Garage Door Install. Seal Beach One Piece Garage Door Removal and Prep

0:00 Take Garage Door Off of Truck
0:40 Put Garage Door Sections Into Garage
1:00 Remove Spring Tension off of Old Garage Door One Piece Hardware by Removing Bottom Chain Tension Bolts
2:05 Right Side Remove Hardware
2:25 Turn Garage Door on Truck for Transportation
2:55 Remove Old Stop Brackets 
3:10 Mark Original Wood  Jambs to be Cut Down Flush with Header
3:37 Cut Jamb Left
4:14 Cut Jamb Right
4:43 Chisel Jamb Left
4:56 Chisel Jamb Right
5:15 Remove Addition Obstructions
5:35 Clear Jambs and Bottom of Header from Any other Nails or Obstructions
6:18 Cut and Nail Weather Seal Flush with Header(1/8th in works better)